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October 25, 2009
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Sayo-nayara, Nina by Wildcarp Sayo-nayara, Nina by Wildcarp
End of a match between Nina Levison and Nayara Gariard

So, the scene from the match against Lady Sapphire was meant to be towards the beginning of the match, while this scene is meant to be right at the end. I'm not sure how many years experience Nayara is supposed to have, but she's a good 7-8 years older than Nina, so I figured it was safe to assume she had considerably more experience than Nina, and that a win for Nina in her first match against Nayara was extremely unlikely. :-) I'll leave it to your imagination to decide whether Nina was cheated out of a victory early in the sequence (either unintentionally or intentionally on the ref's part) or if Nina's perception of the timing is a little thrown off.

Yeah, I know, it's another pic where Nina ends up losing (she might actually have deserved it in this case, of course), although she does get to pull off one of her specialty techniques this time. Between this and the next comic page, I'll likely do a string of images with her coming out on top against my other characters. ;-)

EDIT: Noticed a fairly major gaffe in Panel 4 and fixed it.

Nina © :iconwildcarp:
Nayara © :icongiles-f-ahrun:
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==>_<== Ouch! That had to hurt!
poor kitty.... kneed where it hurts and then taken down.....i think if she didnt get need there she would of won
Ouch, I would love to see the facial expression and text commentary for Nina when somebody does a reverse atomic drop on her! Talk about a sore :censored: :eyepopping:

Maybe Phil will see that match eh? :ohnoes:

Nice comics and cool characters BTW.
Heh, to be honest, I flipped a coin to see if Nayara would do a regular atomic drop or a Manhattan (reverse atomic) drop. I imagine if she did fall prey to a reverse atomic drop in a match, Nina'd try to gloss it over in the commentary. "She lifted me up...and later she used a DDT on me, with absolutely nothing painful or humiliating happening in between." :D

And thanks, glad you like. :)
Gloss it over would be a understatement, still would love to see the facial expression and pose afterwords.

PS, Nina played rough with Nayara, what move was going through you head when you made that commentary. "I like a gal who can play rough."
Heh, well, maybe I'll consider depicting that eventually...I do have a character with that move in her repertoire, among other less-than-honorable tactics. :)

Honestly, the "play rough" bit was just a reference to how Nina was able to land a fairly hard-hitting move (German suplex) on the vastly more-experienced Nayara. *shrug*
Heh, very good. I blame the referee.
well, ebvery match is a great class of wrestling ;)as ya well pojnted out, Nina may have lost, but she gotta a precious lesson of how do a special move =D Awesome =D
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